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Cardamomkada is the most reliable and best Online spices store in kerala. We are dedicated to provide the best authentic kerala spices like Cardamom, Black Pepper, Cove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg turmeric, Ginger, Star anise etc. find the pure essence of flavor with our organic spices. Our organic range of spices, spice mixes and aromatic herbs are ensuring the highest quality and taste in every dish.

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Mustard Seeds (Rai)

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Mustard seeds, generally added as a tempering, provide an unique bite, rare taste and appealing flavor to Indian dishes

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Mustard seeds gives the natural goodness, flavour, freshness & aroma. Rai / Mustard seeds is used for pickling, tempering and cooking-especially Indian dishes, meat marinades, grilled veggies and curries.

Mustard Seeds, which are also called Rai or Sarson, are an important part of cooking because they have a unique taste and can be used in many ways. Whether they are called Rai or Sarson, these tiny seeds have a strong flavor and smell that make a lot of different recipes more interesting.

Our  premium-quality Rai Seeds , which are also known as Mustard Rai Seeds, are carefully chosen to make sure they are all the same size and are as fresh as possible. These seeds are small but very strong, so they work well in any recipe, whether you're making traditional Indian recipes from around the world.

Our variety of mustards, from Rai Sarso to Rai Black Seeds, can be used in a wide range of recipes. You'll find what you're looking for in Cardamomkada, whether you want the strong kick of Black Rai or the softer taste of Yellow Rai Seeds.

Our reasonably priced items let you learn about the rich history of Rai Sarson. We try to offer high-quality Rai Seeds at reasonable prices, whether you're buying a few or a lot. This way, we can make sure that every dish you make has the original taste of Mustard seeds. Add a touch of zest to every meal with mustard seeds, a classic spice that will make your food taste better.


  • Experience the rich flavor of Rai Sarson, also known as Mustard Seeds, in your cooking creations.
  • Rai Seeds  ensuring affordability without compromising quality.
  • Enjoy the convenience of small-sized Rai Seeds, perfect for even distribution of flavor.
  • Add a pop of color to your dishes with vibrant Yellow Rai Seeds.
  • Explore the bold flavor profile of Black Mustard Seeds Rai, adding depth to your recipes.
  • Cultivate your own nutritious greens with Rai Saag Seeds, offering freshness and flavor.
  • Find the best deals on Rai Seeds price, making quality spices accessible to all.
  • The mild flavor of White Rai Seeds can take your meals to the next level by giving them a slight kick.

  • Digestive Health:  .
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties .
  • Cardiovascular Health:  
  • Antimicrobial Effects:  
  • Respiratory Health:  
  • Cancer-Fighting Potential: 

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