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White pepper

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White pepper, like black pepper, is manufactured from the berries of the pepper plant, commonly known as the Piper nigrum.

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White pepper, like black pepper, is manufactured from the berries of the pepper plant, commonly known as the Piper nigrum. Unlike black pepper, however, white pepper originates from berries that are harvested at full maturity. These berries are then steeped in water to ferment.

White pepper has a softer flavor compared to black pepper and is commonly used in meals when a gentler pepper flavor is desired. It is often employed in European and Asian cuisines, notably in creamy sauces, soups, and dishes where black pepper's color could be unwanted.

White pepper, derived from the Piper nigrum L plant. Sourced from the finest white peppercorns, our ground white pepper offers a delicate and aromatic addition to your cooking creations. Unlike its black counterpart, white pepper undergoes a unique processing method where the outer black husk is removed, resulting in a milder flavor profile with hints of earthiness and floral notes.

White pepper, known locally as "dakhni mirch," as it seamlessly complements a wide range of dishes. Whether sprinkled over creamy soups, added to marinades, or used in savory sauces, ground white pepper adds depth and complexity to your favorite recipes. For  cooking enthusiasts seeking a harmonious balance of flavors, the combination of black and white pepper, or "black and white peppercorn," offers a nuanced blend that tantalizes the taste buds with every bite.

Experience the purity and quality of organic white pepper, free from synthetic pesticides or additives.

Best-quality white pepper with our premium selection of whole white peppercorns. Sourced from the finest organic farms, our white pepper is meticulously processed to preserve its natural aroma and taste.  

Essence of authentic white pepper powder with our carefully crafted product. Made from hand-picked white peppercorns, our powder retains the true essence of this spice, ensuring every dish is infused with unmatched flavor.

The exotic aroma and distinct taste of Dakhni Mirch, also known as white pepper, in Hindi. Our cost-effective range offers you the opportunity to buy white pepper online conveniently. white pepper in both whole and powdered forms, suitable for a wide range of cuisines. Elevate your  cooking creations with the finest quality white pepper 


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